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Forget your dependencies!

With DependenCI, you'll never have to worry about keeping your dependencies updated anymore.

DependenCI Pull Request

Free, for public or private

DependenCI integrates with public or private GitHub or GitLab repositories for free.

Say goodbye to outdated dependencies!

Integrated into GitHub & GitLab

Every time we detect a new version of your dependencies isn't covered by the version range, we'll open a pull/merge request.

Scheduled Analysis

Once a day, we'll trigger a check to see if you have the latest version of your dependencies.

Makes your life easier

With DependenCI, you can stop worrying about dependencies and start working on the thing that really matter: your code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time you run "composer update", your dependencies are updated to the latest version your composer.json allows to. But, sometimes releases with new features are out of scope, and running "composer update" doesn't update them. DependenCI detects those dependencies and send a Pull/Merge Request to ensure you always have the lastest version.

When you login with GitHub/GitLab, we ask for the repo scope. This allows us to get your composer.json file, and to create a Pull/Merge Request everytime we need to.

DependenCI was created by Miguel Piedrafita and the branding was designed by Elio Qoshi.

DependenCI is built in top of Laravel. We use Laravel Socialite for OAuth & Laravel GitHub to interact with the GitHub API.